RestQ You?

RestQ Mission Yoga is peer-led, empowerment-focused, trauma-sensitive support for people whose struggles may include:

  • addictions
  • anxiety
  • surviving trauma
  • post traumatic stress disorder [PTSD]

Those of us who struggle with any (or all) of the above, but especially with recovery from “using”, can benefit from peer support activities (like working the steps, attending meetings, engaging in phone calls, participating in sponsorship, etc.)

Peer support helps us stay on track–but it is external.  What’s needed, in addition to looking outside of ourselves for solutions, is to fortify ourselves from the inside so we can become more resilient and powerful.  It’s on us and we can save ourselves!

Stress is recovery’s greatest foe–but yoga practice can really help unravel stress.  Banishing stress before it wreaks havoc with recovery is RestQ Mission Yoga’s prime directive.

The heart of the RestQ Mission is to provide participants with powerful tools to banish stress on their own.  If we can promote a relaxation response in the body when stress levels threaten, we can stay on our program and avoid being dragged into an anxiety spiral that can lead to relapse (or other adverse conditions).

Yoga is best known here in the West as a physical activity, but it has many additional dimensions.  Our practice is inspired by the 12 Steps, but our approach is somatic (body-based) and features:

  • breath (pranayama)
  • poses (asana)
  • meditation (dhyana)
  • journaling / art
  • homework

It works if you work it“–so practice with us and see.
RestQ Mission Yoga