Zen Meditation Flow Yoga

Zen Meditation Flow Yoga is the core campus-based offering that is specifically designed for the Indian River State College community.  Students, staff, faculty and administration come together to practice in the main campus (Fort Pierce, FL) KIGHT Center for Emerging Technologies building in a space that is generously donated by their Virtual Campus.

Zen Meditation Flow Yoga classes are intended to provide introductory access to students who are first time yogis, some of whom would not otherwise have the ability to practice due to economic, transportation and overwhelming scheduling constraints.

The practice breaks down classical yoga postures, breath and meditation for the new student, but features a complete enough practice that more experienced practitioners will also find satisfying.   Zen Meditation Flow Yoga always concludes with a Soto Zen style “sit” or supine Yoga Nidra.

It is also intended as a feeder program for our upcoming RestQ Mission Yoga Teacher Training program [RMYTT], a non-profit venture that will provide undergraduate students with professional yoga training opportunities.  A cohort of students who have demonstrated a deep interest in yoga, but cannot afford the market price of professional training, will be selected from program participants to form the first RMYTT cohort.